Greetings.  Welcome to this "GLT Website" of the Greater Glory Ministries, Department of Women.

We are excited about our venture platform of training, conferences/seminars/workshops, resources/services, support.  We are prepared and positioned to receive all that the Lord has for us and will produce through us. 


Who are we?  Daughters of the King.    What do we represent?  HOLINESS!

INFUSED and POSITIONED:  As women of God we all have important values and ideas – ministries that we care about and that God empowers us to share.  Sometimes we feel our ideas can even change the world and we want to let other women of God know how they, also, can make a difference.  God has positioned us to minister and to serve in our own unique ways.

Our GOAL is to be God’s vehicle of spiritual empowerment and enrichment, building inner strength, worth, purpose, and HOLINESS within the women whose lives we touch.

Our MISSION is to encourage and assist “to seek His perfect will for your life” knowing that we each are chosen by the Lord to live lives fully committed and pleasing to Him as we journey this way. 

Thanks for your support. 

Please continue to visit this site and don’t forget to leave your prayer request for us to gather in unity and cover with prayer and your praise reports for strength and encouragement.

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LadyG & Team

are excited and privileged to welcome you

to take your time and peruse this website.  Please pray,

as service moves to ministry - going forth in the unity of sisterhood.

Since its founding in 1980 under the name of OPALS (Of Purpose And Loving Service), those who serve have done so, graciously.   Now, as serving broadens to ministry, LadyG has renamed this recommitted service/ministry  - GLT (Gracious Ladies Together).   


Thriving on unity and encouraging while empowering the sisterhood:

GLT Service/Ministry is committed to not only providing ministry in service (ready and available to minister) but doing so graciously and together.  

Join us in building a firm future for our community:  daily through BAND, weekly through Greater Glory Ministries/Women Of Glory Ministries, monthly through our RESET Events, and annually through our Conferences.  

We also team with Be Bold Be You (Women Empowerment-Specializing in Supporting Single Moms), The Journey Experience Conference (Youth, Teens, Young Adults) to grow a firm foundation for our future community, and other efforts in reaching and supporting women.