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Coordinating Gatherings Which Exceed Expectations

In 2019 at INFUSION Summit 20th Anniversary/Finale, our Department of Women Theme became RESET.  During this entire year we host monthly events.  The schedule for these events can be found by CLICKING HERE.


Frequently we find that Women's Gatherings are very spiritual but lacking on natural applications needed for a balanced life.  Gracious Ladies Together provides the Women of Greater Glory ,and any other women who desire to participate, with an on-site or off-site gathering venue where we can come together and get down to business on subjects such as budgeting, balancing church and home, mental health, exercise, fellowship, etc.  RESET Gatherings do just that...most at asbsolutely no workshop cost! 


At every RESET Gathering, Pre-Registration is a must.




  • The Journey Experience - youth, teens, young adults empowering conferences (JourneyExperienceConference.org), trainings and gatherings (weekly Power Tuesday), etc.

  • Be Bold Be You - women empowering conferences and events specializing in supporting single moms (BeBoldBeYouNow.com)

This is our premier gathering.  It began in 1999 and for 20 years it’s made a big difference for many of our ladies that Gracious Ladies Together provides the highest level of excellence in a hotel setting.  

In 2019 we celebrate our 20th Anniversary and at the same time we retired the INFUSION Summit.

Moving on to RESET we celebrate the past 20 years and rejoice for what is ahead!

We want all of our Women Of Glory to experience the impressive level of caring when working with Gracious Ladies Together. You can trust us to supply you with the best Sister-Time, each time to include low-cost, 5 hours of fun, fellowship and a furry of spiritual insite along with  continental breakfast and a full lunch locally held at our Founders Legacy Hall, only for GGM Women! 


At every Sister-Time, Pre-Registration is a must.  Watch for announcements on the SisterTime Page.

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