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Her Life Theme:  "I Trust God"




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Video:  BECOMING GWENDOLYN Lawson Townsend

"Beloved, just for a bit, be still and praise God for His favor, His grace, and His awesomeness.  Use your weapon!   God is able to do the impossible and is always so very near, loving you unconditionally


Believe that He will help you to live your life to the fullest, cause you to excel above your expectations, empower  you to shine in the darkest places, protect you at all times, lift you up when you need Him the most, let you know when you walk with Him that you will always be safe, and to position yourself to spiritually receive that which He has already provided.  


Blessings to you, in HOLINESS."


1st Lady, Mother Gwendolyn E. Lawson Townsend (“LadyG”) is the wife of Senior Administrative Assistant District Superintendent Sam L. Townsend, Sr. (Old Landmark District, Washington State Jurisdiction), mother of 16, grandmother of 49, and great-grandmother of 14.  She and her husband founded the Greater Glory Ministries in 1980 and she continues to love and values serving as the 1st Lady of this great ministry, always standing on being a “Lady First!”  She has traveled throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and the Caribbean; has been a recurrent guest on TBN; and has been featured in newspapers and magazines including the national Charisma Magazine. 


LadyG was licensed as a Missionary in 1992, as an Evangelist in 1994, and was appointed in 2000 as a District Missionary.  She served Washington State Jurisdiction District #7 for a 13-year tenure and now serves her Jurisdiction as a District Missionary Without Charge. 


As the co-founder and wife of the Sr. Pastor of the Greater Glory Ministries in Seattle, Washington, she serves as the local Department of Women Supervisor.  As President of Women Of Glory Ministries, she founded the annual INFUSION Summit Advance, annually hosting up to 175 ladies, where she presents the “Lydia’s Daughter Award for Determination and Victorious Spiritual Strength” and most recently has founded "PEARL of Holiness:  Sister-Time," a bi-annual event designed solely for the women of the Greater Glory Ministries.  1st Lady Gwendolyn has written guides, booklets, policies and procedures to grow excellence within her local Women’s Department in particular and within the Greater Glory Ministries as a whole. 


Under the watchful eye and mentorship of the previous Supervisor of Women, Mother Gertrude Young, she held several concurrent Washington State Jurisdictional Department of Women positions and wrote and produced Desk Manuals for each of them.  These positions include being appointed as one of the four foundational members of the Executive Board, Assistant to the Supervisor, Executive Secretary, Executive Finance Secretary, the Co-Chair of the District Missionary Unit, and the originator of curriculum and Coordinator of Study for the Washington State Jurisdiction School of Licensing/2-Year Licensed Missionary Training Program for Aspirants and Deaconess Missionaries.  She became, and continues to be, the webhost of the first website within the Washington State Jurisdiction.


Under the leadership of the present Jurisdictional Supervisor of Women, Mother Curlie Davis, she holds the Department of Women positions of Administrative Assistant, Executive Secretary, member of the Executive Board, member of the Finance Committee, Co-Chair of the District Missionary Unit (and trainer of all new District Missionaries), and Facilitator of Study for the Program of Missionary Licensing Training for Aspirants.   During Mother Davis’ tenure, LadyG has authored and produced the Workbook for the Program of Missionary Licensing Training, the Washington State Jurisdiction District Missionary Resource Manual, and her Personal Reference Booklet/Guide which assists her in her various local and other positions.   

Being honored by Urban Alternatives as the inaugural recipient of the Esther Award for Excellence and Distinction in Ministry in 2005, in 2008 receiving “Beyond The Walls Ministry” Award from God Answers Prayer Ministries International, in 2010 being one of the recipients of the Living Legend Award, in 2012 receiving the “Women Who Pray” Award, in 2013 beginning work with Women Are Worthy, Inc., and in 2015 being honored by Kingdom Servants Ministries ... all are her sincere privileges.  


As the founder of One Church, One Child of Washington State, Inc./UJIMA Community Services Ms. Townsend enjoyed a 25-year tenure as Chief Executive Officer leading it in becoming Washington State’s first, licensed African American CPA (child placement agency).  She then went on to work to see that the vision she began through UJIMA continued as she and three others establish InterCultural Children & Family Services, Inc.!


She received the 1990 National Black Child Development Institute-Bunny Wilburn Award for leadership, the 1993 and 1994 National One Church One Child Leadership Awards for child advocacy, and the 1996 Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Community Service Award.  As the 1997 Washington State Mother of the Year by Senate Resolution 1997-8640, she made Washington State history as the first and up to this date only, African American woman so selected.  In 2010 she assisted her daughter Crystal as a board member as she founded Cherish A Jewel and the Be Bold Be You Program (female mentoring and support) and has received other appointments to many state and national committees, workgroups, and boards for child welfare and family preservation.


As one who graduated in Seattle, Washington from Garfield High School in 1968, she learned to relentlessly state - “the struggle continues,” but she also learned, believes, and lives to constantly be part of the solution.  For her, living her spiritual convictions as she stands firm on God’s holiness standard is a major portion of the solution.  Moving on to receive her BA in Public/Business Administration she uses her knowledge and wisdom to advance various ministries outside of her own.



In the early 2000’s, LadyG began teaching “Positioned by prayer, precept, principle, and practice for protection, potentiality, power, purpose, peace, passion, possibility, provision, His plan, His promise, His path and His presence.  Position yourself to receive that which the Lord has already provided!” and a few years later she positioned herself to become the published author of HOLINESS – God’s Demand For His People with a second book due to be published soon.  

In April of 2016, Lady G was presented the opportunity to exhort and to encourage the people of God at the Washington State Jurisdiction Annual Women's Convention opening night services.  As the 1st local person to be the featured speaker at an opening evening service, she brought the message of "The Peculiarity of Me...standing on a Holiness Foundation" when she again reminded the people of God's Un-retracted HOLINESS Demand. 

In December of 2019, LadyG was again presented the opportunity to exhort before the Washington State Jurisdiction at the Monthly Fellowship Meeting as the main speaker.  Her message - "Why?  It's My God-Intentional Opportunity."

APPOINTMENT - Administrator & ASSIGNMENT - Exhorter

Lady Gwendolyn Lawson Townsend is an exhorter of pentecostal holiness, loving to minister one-on-one, in small groups and in workshop settings as she continues through the Lords leading.  Being from the “old school,” she stands on its HOLINESS teachings, and in her 3:00am Prayer and Word Study on her birthday, July 10 (7/10), from Ezra 7:10 she received study, do, encourage – and so she does.


Her latest Appointments: In February 2017 as the International Department Of Women (IDOW) Assistant Executive Secretary followed by notice in August 2017 of her appointment as the Executive Secretary of the International Department of Women, COGIC, Inc.  She received formal appointment in St. Louis, MO during the International Holy Convocation in November of 2017 as the General Supervisor, Mother Barbara McCoo Lewis, called to the platform, "Mother Gwendolyn Lawson Townsend, Executive Secretary of the International Department of Women, Church of God in Christ, Inc."  In April 2018 she was appointed to the IDOW Board of Directors of the IDOW McGlothen Houses in Memphis, TN. and in May 2018 appointed to the IDOW Special Convention Assistance  Committee of the International Department of Women.

Her latest Assignment:  On August 20, 2019 she was diagnosed with two different, terminal cancers.  Never asking God "why" her only ask was "how - how to go through this."  His answer - no negativity and as the door opens, walk through and open your mouth for Me.  After 6 months of chemotherapy, 2 months of daily radiation, 4 hospital stays and 2 major surgeries (one was a double surgery), the same two doctors that pronounced "cancers" now pronounced "cancer-free."  She is assigned as a Servant Leader who thrives on unity, encourages and empowers the sisterhood, and promotes true pentecostal holiness-the demand of God for His people!