HOLINESS - The Demand of God for His People: 

My Testimony is that I just won’t make it without it-



There’s a song I love about HOLINESS being what I long for and what I need, but God has been showing me that HOLINESS is not what I am to long for and HOLINESS is not what I am to need, but HOLY is what I am to be.


I am to be HOLY because He is HOLY and therefore I am to stop longing, and start being, HOLY!


God is the One Who longs for HOLINESS. He longs for a HOLINESS people, a different people, a separated people, a sanctified people, a changed people, a righteous people, a peculiar people, a steadfast people, a clean people, a people as He is - HOLY.


God has been speaking and in turn I have been studying, doing and teaching (Ezra 7:10) - Seek God’s perfect will for your life because God has a demand for all of us - and that demand is one of HOLINESS!


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