GGM Women:  Sister - Time!

Lead Gatherings Coordinator:  Sister Tiffany Townsend

We want all of our Women Of Glory to experience the impressive level of caring when working with Gracious Ladies Together.


You can trust us to supply you with the best Sister-Time each time to include low-cost and 5 hours of fun, fellowship and a furry of spiritual incite along with  continental breakfast and a full lunch.  All locally held at our Founders Legacy Hall, only for GGM Women! 




Women For Leadership - "Supporting those in Leadership and Learning/Growing into Leadership"


  • This Sister-Time will be devoted to Encouraging those who are in leadership by learning from the past, seeing the present, and envisioning the future. 

  • This Sister-Time will also be devoted to Empowering those who desire to be, think they might head to, are in training for Leadership Roles...that should be every Woman Of Glory!


Our Day will be full of action, activities, food, various speakers and facilitators, learnings, and commitments...

  • We will begin with a Meet/Greet/Eat Continental Breakfast as we sit and break bread together.

  • We will progress into a Welcome and exciting activity to get us moving.

  • Next we will begin our Encouraging portion with a Seminar and Encouragement Activity.

  • This will lead into the first 1/2 of our Empowerment portion with Training Seminar.

  • We will probably be hungry by then so we will enjoy our full lunch buffet with special speaker.

  • We will then go right back into our second 1/2 of our Empowerment portion with an energetic Workshop.

  • A Headline Panel will pull us all together to give us more food for thought, answers to questions, and laughs to break up the seriousness of the day.

  • We will end with gift-giving, prayer, and our Unity Gathering.


  • This Sister-Time Event is for the Ladies of Greater Glory Ministries, only.

  • This Sister-Time Event is free - yes, at no cost at all!  

  • This Sister-Time Event has a manditory registration and deadline which will not be waived or extended.

  • Click Here To Register:  This Sister-Time Event Registration Form


Pre-Registration is a must for every Sister-Time.